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Welcome to Apex's Loan Center!  

Please log on above to access your application and disclosure documents.  You'll be guided through the steps.

► Once you log on you'll be able to easily sign most of your application and disclosure documents using your Electronic Signature.

► Other documents need to be printed and signed by you (some require completion of information).  Once you've signed and completed these documents please return them as soon as possible to Apex either by uploading them directly through this secure website or by faxing them back to Apex using the coversheet provided with the documents. 

Please don't forget to print, sign, complete and return the documents that can't be electronically signed. 

►  Some documents are for your information only and don't require your signature.

 Please feel free to contact your Apex loan officer at any time should you have questions. 

We look forward to putting our mortgage services to work for you!



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